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Superb Performance of Anel HADZIC in Europa League



Anel Hadzic: The success over PAOK is the best so far

2018. October 26. 18:58  -  David Rechnitzer

The midfielder put in a top performance as Vidi won 2-0 away in Greece.

The 2-0 win in Thessaloniki on Thursday evening resulted in three sides being equal of 3 points in Group L. The win in Greece also saw Anel Hadzic produce the best performance according to InStat. 

Six of the best ahead of PAOK

The best performer for the Greek team was left winger Omar El Kaddouri who picked up 268 index score. There were 6 players from Vidi that earned a higher mark from InStat.

Anel Hadzic was the best on the night with 313, but closely behind were Georgi Milanov (277), Stopira (275), Paulo Vinícius (274), Attila Fiola (272) and Adam Kovácsik (270).

Hadzic is the first player to score over 300 in a European match.

Hadzic: virtually perfect

The midfielder put in a very good performance against PAOK. He intervened 51 times in the game and 43 were successful (which means that he played a good pass or won a battle or got hold of the ball). 18 of his passess went to team mates from his 22 in total. There was one key ball played and 10 battles from 12 won. Anel Hadzic won all three of his duals in the air. Also coming out well were the defensive line of Fiola-Juhasz-Vinicius-Stopira. 

It wasn't just the defenders that put in good performances

The midfielders and forwards naturally also did very well on Thursday evening. Georgi Milanov did not score a goal or play an assist but the 62 times on the ball ended with 44 finding a man in a light blue shirt. Another to emerge well was Loic Nego and Huszti, while Marko Scepovic found a team mate 17 times from 20.

The subs also contributed

Marko Nikolic brought Istvan Kovacs on after 73 minutes, Boban Nikolov on 79 and that was enough time for them to also be noticed. The former did well from 10/11 passes with the latter finding a Vidi player 5 out of 5 times in the game with PAOK.

István Kovács : 30!

It was the 30th European match for the midfielder on Thursday evening in the colours of Vidi.